Technology Services

Sentinel Technology Solutions covers specific areas in its Technology Solutions that range from technology strategy, software development, project management, post implementation support and training.

Website and Application Development

We look at your brand and help you build modern websites that become your customer facing applications platform. We also look at your enterprise applications and ensure that they are being effectively utilized. We also help select applications and customize them to meet your needs.

Network Design and Implementation

We look at your internal network and perform audits to ensure that it is setup in the most secure fashion. Most NGO’s and small to midsize organization do not have fulltime in-house IT resources to provide the diversity of support needed. STS acts as the outsourced IT provider and helps such organization minimize their exposure to information theft and viruses through the implementation of better network security plan. There is also the fact that staff members go in and out of offices and yet maintain access to the network through their personal computer and smart phones.

Some other things that make networking a challenge is that most buildings in the developed countries are made of solid blocks that make standard routers unable to penetrate. STS works in created a mesh network with multiple routers to be able to cover the entire building.

Technical Project Management

STS provides project management solutions to larger clients who have large multi-vendor environments that are implementing enterprise wide solutions.

Technical Training

All organization need to invest in keeping their staff trained in the use of technical equipment to ensure that they are getting the most out of their investment. STS helps to train staff in the use of engineering equipment and custom software as well as standard productivity software. We also utilize the approach of “train the trainer” by training specific staff members on a particular technology and equipping them to train the rest of the staff on their use.

Some of the training includes the use of web content management tools so that you can manage all of your content.

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

One of the main areas of cost overruns in small to mid-size organizations is poor business process definition and organization. STS helps map out the existing business processes within your organization and identifies inefficiencies and recommendations on process improvements. We also use software tools to help map out business processes.

An additional area that we use to improve the communication process through the use of readily available tools. As small organizations start to have a more global footprint they are more dependent on expensive communications equipment. STS know how to significantly lower your costs by using proven technologies and trains clients staff on a defined process.